Course Catalogue

This is the catalogue of our current courses and workshops that are available for immediate booking.

Our specialist workshops and programmes are not shown, as they are specifically tailored for individual sectors.  Examples of these include workshop management processes, inventory management, parts marketing and aftersales management etc.

Additional workshops and courses are available and can be designed for you (often without any charge) – please contact us and we’ll find the right solution for you.


Example Course Outlines

First Line Management – 2 Day Workshop.pdf

BiteSize Workshop – Managing Performance.pdf

BiteSize Workshop – Communications.pdf

BiteSize Workshop – Problem Solving.pdf

Managers Toolkit Guides

How to” START Performance Coaching.pdf

How to set SMART goals.pdf

How to give Feedback.pdf

How to do Desk Reviews.pdf

How to build Regional Retail Performance.pdf

Workshop Productivity Calculation.pdf

Articles and Papers

3D Leadership Paper.pdf

Competitive Advantage in Machinery Dealerships.pdf

Training Support Materials

Making Training Work.pdf


Three Step Prep for Academy Workshops.pdf

Sales and Sales Support Materials

Field Sales Meetings and 1:1 Management.pdf(50kb)

Territory Action Plan Guide.pdf(50Kb)

Quarterly Sales Activity Analysis Template.pdf(50Kb)

Lost Sales Analysis Template.pdf(50Kb)

Field Sales Meeting Preparation.pdf(55Kb)

Personal Sales Development Review.pdf(55Kb)

Business Performance Analysis




Communication and Managing Use of Time

Taking control of Email.pdf(50Kb)


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