Accredited Programmes

Maple Associates successfully achieved recognition as an ILM approved training provider in February of 2011. This success builds on our existing work delivering ILM Level 3 and 4 Certificate and Diploma programmes for our existing clients.

Four of our unique programmes have been recognised as ILM Development programmes. This means that managers successfully completing the programmes and the companies that sponsor them, can rest assured that they are investing in worthwhile management development designed to make a positive and lasting difference.

START Performance Coaching™

This 2-day programme, with an optional follow-up surgery is designed to equip managers at all levels with proven tools and techniques to guide their team members to real performance improvement.  Unlike life coaching or sports coaching the START Coaching process and Cornerstone Coaching frameworks have been specifically developed for the business environment.

Managers, HR professionals and trainers from companies across Europe have benefitted from being introduced to START Performance Coaching.  Now that the programme is ILM recognised we look forward to helping many more managers, HR professionals and business coaches benefit from this proven and established business coaching process.

3DL Leadership Programme™

This 3-day programme is for managers, both new and experienced, who wish to acquire and develop real leadership credibility.  At its core is our 3DL leadership model and 360 degree feedback process, that helps managers identify their development needs in the fundamental areas of leadership that make a real difference to the people they lead:

Values                              Setting the right example

Effectiveness                    Building the capcity to lead

Influence                           Increasing the leadership footprint




Raising the Bar in Retail Management

At a time when the retail sector is vulnerable to many factors beyond the control of the staff and managers at the sharp end of the customer experience it is vital that they have absolute capability and commitment to delivering the very best retail experience to everyone that enters their stores.

Based on over a decade of coaching, training and working with retail professionals, this modular programme will ensure that store managers, area managers and regional controllers get all of the basics right and create a platform for success in even the toughest of markets.


Building your Business

Small to Medium-size private businesses are often the lifeblood of their local economy and the owners and managers of these business are often too busy to invest in their own development.  This 12-day programme, delivered as 6 sets of 2-day modules is about direct application of improved business management and leadership from day one.

In addition to the general management and leadership subjects that you would expect us to cover, we also examine best practice in specific functions of the business, establish performance indicators and measures, work out how to develop and deliver real competitive advantage and how to structure the business to achieve the long-term aims of the ownership team.  Sales, customer service, financial performance, and managing people are just some of the themes that are addressed on this intensive programme.

Challenging, effective and of lasting value, this programme is unique and vital for those looking to grow their business in a sustainable way. 


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